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    Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, Community Center Herstedlund, Albertslund, Denmark, 2009

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    by maudqdo #Gehry #beaubourg #centrepompidou #expo #retrospective #reflection #gold #instaarchitecture #archidaily #architecturestudent #architectureporn #maquette #igers_archi #ig_paris

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    © feilden clegg bradley studios - public library - daegu gosan, south korea - 2012

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    by colettemercado A Woman’s Profession? || #architecture #architecturestudent #vsco #vscocam #afterlight #nantes

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    As much as the seasons affect the quality of light inside a building - and they do, very much so - they have an even more dramatic effect on the exteriors of the buildings.  Shown here is the Tuberculosis Pavilion on North Brother Island from roughly the same vantage point at roughly the same time of day in the summer, autumn, and winter.  One of the wonderful thing about being permitted out on the Island over a dozen times is the fact that I’ve been able to get photographs of almost everything out there under ideal conditions.  To me, each of these images evokes a different feeling, a different memory - and each works in a different context.  The summer image best exemplifies the jungle-like conditions and sense of mystery on the island.  The autumn image does the finest job of expressing the beauty of this 1939 WPA-era municipal building.  And the winter shot - almost devoid of color outside of the building itself - best showcases the architectural features of the building.

    These photographs - and over 125 more from the Island - are available as prints in my SmugMug gallery by clicking here.

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    Los Molles House dRN + Oltmann Ahler


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    Lord of the Rings

    Often when a movie finishes wrapping, part of the set is left behind, abandoned. Here are several movie sets that are still in place, many of which you can visit!

    If you are ever in New Zealand, be sure to visit the set of the Hobbiton village used in the Lord of the…

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    Marcela Arango, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2015
    Adv Design A: “Boston Library + Exhibition” - Spring 2013 , Michael Halflants
    Section Model 

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    @inkiegraffiti at @streetartbirmingham #cityofcolours - amazing festival!

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